Monday, May 26, 2008

driving in cars with boys

Is it just the boys I know, or can I generalize and say that all boys are insane drivers?

It's not just my older brothers, but also my boss and my guy friends (lecture me later on how you can't really be friends with guys) and especially guys on dates that drive as though they're late to catch a leaving train. We're driving you idiot! There aren't any trains to where we're going!

Do guys think that girls are impressed when their tires screech as they turn a corner? Do guys think girls are impressed that they know how to handle a stick? Or that their cars sound like the muffler is broke?

Maybe I'm just the kind of girl who gets more impressed by leather seats that warm your tush than by what's under the hood of a boy's ride.


chanie said...

right there with you sister. Long live tush-warmers!