Sunday, May 25, 2008

Eco-Friendly Dating

One of my best friends (ok, I realize that I have a bunch, but if you can be friends with someone, why not be BEST friends!) Shaindy, has come up with this genius term that I want to help promote: ECO-FRIENDLY DATING

Eco-Friendly Dating is about making a difference in the Jewish singles environment. It's about using environmentally responsible practices and discouraging waste. If it works for planet Earth, shouldn't we make the same principles work for us?

Being Eco-Friendly is about the three R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Eco-Friendly Dating is about a similar three R's: Redd, Recycle, Ring.

First you get "Redd" a shidduch, or maybe you just meet someone of the opposite sex, and go out on a date. Then you decide that said person is SOOO not for you. A lot of people just stop there. But that's what I would like to term "irresponsible dating". All it does is waste a potential mate - maybe not yours - but someone else's! So, instead of just calling the whole thing off and never speaking to the guy or girl you went out with ever again, why not move on to step #2:

Recycle! Just because someone isn't your type does NOT mean that they won't be your friend's type either. I know a girl who went on a date with this guy, decided he was really great, but just not as frum as her. So... she set him up with her neighbour - and now they're married! If you date someone who seems really great - why waste that contact when you could "recycle" and have something awesome come out of the situation! Granted, there are those dates that reallllly suck, where the guy or girl does something or says something that is horrible beyond belief. Maybe, put those dates in the junk pile.... But then, you never know - maybe they were just having a reallly off night, or maybe you know someone that isn't as 'great' either! (is it mean to set up two people you dislike?)

Step number 3 is RING! Yay! The couple you set up is getting married! That officially puts you in line for heaven! (only 6 more to go!) and plus you get bragging rights at the engagement parties, and the bridal showers, and the bachelor party, and the wedding and the sheva brachos! Maybe they'll even name their first pet after you!

So... next time you meet or hear about someone single, instead of going "ewwwwww, sooo not for me!", start thinking green, and say "ummmmmm, soooo not for me, but I do know someone who would be perfect!". The Environment will thank you!


chanie said...

ha!awesome concept.

isnt it 3 shidduchim to get into heaven though, not 7??

Anonymous said...

Chanie i guess it depends... if someone can manage to find me a shiduch... i am sure it counts as 100... (really dificult as i live in Spain)

chanie said...

yikes- and i thought i was in a tough situation living in Canada.... Im never complaining again. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

chanie, the biggest problem i have here is simply there almost no jewish girls.
thanx and good luck to you too!!!!

chanie said...

Then I think its time to move.

Anonymous said...

chanie you are 100% right, am playing with the same idea. problem is the business i have been building for 5 years. hopefully in the next year or 2 i will be able to move somewhere else and only visit once in a while, the rest run it thru the internet from abroad!!!