Wednesday, September 16, 2009

mm's meme superpower

Mike In Midwood tagged me, so here goes...

Rule number 1: Read the rules.
Rule number 2: Write one superpower you would like to have and what you would do with it.
Rule number 3: Write why you chose that super power over everything else.
Rule number 4: Tag and link 7 people, and write why you think they will have an interesting meme.
Rule number 5: fix your broken links.

I have to let you in on a little secret before I tell you what my superpower is.

I used to be obsessed with Heroes.

Yup. I know. Does that surprise you?

Does that make me a closet nerd?

So anyhow - this means that I know A LOT about superpowers.

Anyone who watches the show knows that the best of the 'abilities' is the one where you get to absorb other people's powers. (think Sylar or Peter)

But I'm not that greedy. (although, the ability to make money multiply doesn't sound that bad)

So if I had to stick with one superpower, I'd probably choose the ability to time travel (à la Hiro, but maybe a little bit more refined in that I'd know where I'm going before I get there - definitely not à la Time Traveller's wife where the husband always travels naked). I'd love to travel back to when my parents were kids, visit my great-grandparents who I never got to meet, maybe even go back to the days of Shlomo Hamelech. Maybe I'd even get to change history - or be a part of it. That's the part that actually interests me most.

Ok - so I chose time travelling - a little typical and boring. But still pretty solid.

If I could choose another, this is what I'd want:
I know this isn't really a superpower, but it is magical, so I'll tell you about it anyway.
I would REALLY want a superpowered closet. Like a magical closet with every item of clothing every made or designed in the world, where everything fits gorgeously and is always in style. Kind of like the one Cher had in Clueless, but with more clothing options and less 1990's.

Bloggers tagged:

Surfin the Shidduch Scene - because she's creative and funny, and def a bestie!

Dude with Hat - because with his profile pic, he's already got the whole 'mysterious spy' thing going on - and that intrigues me.

Jessica - because I wonder if new moms wish for more sleep. And people with no sleep write funny stuff.

Lvnsm27 - because she's a Cali girl. Nuff said.

Altie - because she's a Lubie, and I love Lubies. I'm thinking her superpower will either mikarev everyone, bring Moshiach, or let her see through boy's beards.

Jacob da Jew - why not? i think i tag him every time ;)

Musing Maidel - because I dissed her in a post, and now I feel kinda bad.


Altie said...

:) Thanks!!

Vulcan said...

I, too, was into Heroes. Except they never take a break. CRISIS AVERTED! NEW CRISIS! Too exhausting.

Plus, it's pretty much X-Men. So I might as well have my spandex-clad favorites while I'm at it.

And what is up with taking Wolverine's power and giving it to a cheerleader? SO wrong.

Rabbi Michael Tzadok said...

Not that I would do anything like own the entire first season of Heroes(slides the slip case further back behind the books), but having some unknown familiarity with the subject, I would take Peter's mimickry(Sylar's is just too creepy).

Honestly I would love to be able to just snag other people's talents by being around them. Granted, I would then want to hang around people that may bore the rest of you like R' Ovadia Yosef. At the same time I know some very talented(though non-Jewish) musicians... Yeah I could definitely make use of it.

Jessica said...

Thanks for the tag! Just finished writing it. You can read it here.

lvnsm said...


Jacob Da Jew said...

The other Maidel (from the dark side) would just use her powers to instantly cover anyone with a Burka.

S said...

Magical closet, cool

Single on the Scene said...

Do i get your vote on my superpower?

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

i dunno if you saw my meme reply or now yet.

Esser Agaroth said...


You've been cited here.

Whoops. I forgot about Altie, but she was already tagged. I'll go see what she wrote.

Shanah Tovah wiG'mar Hathimah Tovah!