Tuesday, September 15, 2009

boys with nice cars

When it comes to cars, I'm like most girls - I have no clue what's under the hood or how to fix a flat tire, but I do like lots of accessories. I remember the day my father surprised me with a new car. He phoned me from the dealership and asked me what kind of car I wanted. I said "Black".

Maybe because I have my own ride, or maybe just because I know nothing about cars, but whether a guy pulls up in a lemon or a Lexus doesn't really make a big diff to me.

I don't know where you live, but in Brooklyn these days, having a nice car is like having a nice house - no indication of what's in your bank account. Everyone knows someone who can get them a good deal. It isn't that hard to lease a luxury ride anymore. Even the boys working at kosher delight drive Escalades. (and let's not forget the boys who RENT to impress - which by the way, is so fakewood)

And then there are the boys who come from money, whose families actually do have gelt (well, as far as anyone knows, because espesh in our post-Madoff world, money isn't what it used to be). So they have fancy cars. That don't impress me much. They're just lucky their fathers were born before them. Because spending money is easy (I know, I'm pretty good at it). Making money is a whole other ballgame - and boys who know how to play that game are the kind that turn me on.

So if a boy turns up in a zeidymobile without a/c, but one that he paid for with his own sweat and tears, that's hot.

Maybe because after hearing this story I'm about to let you in on, I'm just happy the guy has his license.

I'm totally guilty of theft for telling you this, because the story is one for the books, but I'm sure my friend will moichel me come Yom Kippur.

So a little while ago, my lovely friend gets set up on yet another shidduch date. Everything checks out normal about this guy, and - big plus for my Canadian friend - the boy is willing to travel to her town for the date.

Date night comes and she's waiting for the boy to show. He arrives to her house a few minutes late looking a little disheveled, but still somewhat presentable. He explains that he is sorry he's late but didn't realize his hosts lived as far as they did.

"But they only live 4 blocks away", says my friend.
"But I walked", says her date.

My friend thinks this is an interesting start to what would probably be an interesting date, but for the sake of good manners, offers that she had a car that they could use for the night.

So she grabs her keys and the young couple walks out the door.

And then...

When they're near the car, this bochur coughs and puts out his hand, palm up.

"Am I supposed to slap him 'five'?", my friend thinks to herself.
"Huh???", she asks instead.
"Your keys", says her date.
"You want my keys?!", asks my friend.

Rather reluctantly, she obliges. She hands him her keys, and off they go on their lovely little date...

Where he totals her car...

And they end up happily ever after...

With other people... (Im Yirtzeh Hashem!)


Anonymous said...

Yup, often when I visit NY to take a girl out they offer their car. While I have no issues driving their car I do have two thoughts that always brings me to accepting shotgun and even persuading the girl that it's simply more practical and convenient for the girl to drive.

1. Albeit it feels emasculating to be the passenger, it is all the more so if there is an accident and your the driver.

2. I own my own car in my city and I am also a very capable driver. I should swallow my pride for now, if I get past the first dates and she is still interested enough to visit me then I can always drive her around and show off then.

There is also the fact that different cities feel different. Not to mention being unfamiliar to the roads. GPS solves that, but regardless there is a higher risk which means there is potentially a greater liability to drive. Simply swallowing your pride and letting the girl drive solves and makes things more practical for the visiting guy.

(It also saves a lot of gelt for the guy whose graciously taken the time and ridiculous amount of money to visit and take the maidel out.)


Jacob Da Jew said...


Mikeinmidwood said...

Youve been tagged, I linked you for a meme.

Heshy Fried said...

Ok I just wrote about this - not published yet, but its such a yeshivish thing to lease a car you can barely afford just to show how hocker you can be.

Single on the Scene said...

Maidel-you are definitely forgiven! B"H I have a new car since then and hopefully they have 'rent-a-wrecks' in all cities across America.
Amen to your Brachos :)

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

Sad story for both guy and girl... Who. Overed expences?

I really like your view on cars, but I should say I little bit didn't expect to hear that from you. but nice to know!

Bas~Melech said...

Good grief.
When I was dating, whoever got the car got to drive. I didn't realize there was another option :-P

AmIaFrumFeminist said...

Omg. How awful. I went out with a guy who totalled his rented car BEFORE we went out so he asked me if I could drive. It was so nice to be the one in charge of the driving, but I never payed attention to the fact that when you're the driver, you have to do double the amount of driving because you have to pick them up and drop them off. How annoying.