Monday, January 11, 2010

dating Daniels

For some reason I feel like I go through name cycles a lot when I'm dating. I'll have entire seasons where almost every boy I get set up with is named Michael or Daniel or Josh. Granted, there aren't too many Jewish names in circulation to begin with, but why do the same exact names pop up at the same time?

Granted, it makes it a lot easier to remember their names that way (you can just say "Hi Josh" when one of them calls and chances are you get it right) As I've let you know before, I'm not too great with names. So this can be a plus.

But when they all have the same name, it means that I have to keep the facts - and voices - straight. Unless of course I remember last names (which let's face it, hardly happens) - but even so, I can't exactly imagine calling my potential husband by his last name like one of his football buddies (can you imagine - he says "Hi Sweetie", I respond "Hi Goldberg").


Jessica said...

When it's the right guy I don't think you'll have any problem remembering the tiny details that differentiate him from every other guy.

Rabba bar bar Chana said...

I had a similar experience when I was single - I seemed to end up dating a lot of Debbies. Maybe I just subconciously liked the quasi-alliteration (my name is David).

DanielS82 said...

It's true, there are only so many Jewish names really to go around, so you will get the same names a lot.

Moshe said...

In Japan it's common practice so you can call him Goldberg-san.