Friday, January 8, 2010

hi ma!

So my mother discovered my blog - I should've known it would happen eventually. I mean, she does occasionally use my laptop to play Mah Jong online.

My mom actually asked me if I was the girl behind Material Maidel. And of course I lied and told her it was my best friend's. (thanks Shaindy!) But that was only because she asked if I was a lesbian. Seriously ma, wtf (that means 'What The Blank' in blog lingo) - one minute we were watching Mad Money when I mentioned that Queen Latifah has a girlfriend in real life and next thing I know she's bringing this up. I may be a little tired of dating guys, but I'm not desperate enough to switch teams.

Apparently she read that last post about the YU Gay Panel. Well, she obviously didn't read the whole post, or any of my other posts, because she totally missed the jist. I guess my mom is really that blond :)

Ma - you still reading?


jvin said...

Ahahaha that sucks for you.

I'm sorry but I think that it is ridiculously funny how that unfolded.

As for the getting burnt out of dating thing. I totally can empathize. It's just so draining one non-match after another.

I actually stopped dating for several months, burnt out of it until I came up with an incredible creative solution.

So far I've been completely able to avoids bad matchs, unattractive matchs, and meet people who I consider very eligible for myself, who are within religious/hashkafic levels of my own. So far my method has been working out for me.

jvin said...

Woh, I just reread what I wrote and realized I sound very telemarketer like.

G6 said...

That post is too too funny!
I hope the discovery doesn't end out cramping your style.
Set her up w/ a blog of her own... that'll keep her busy.

Anonymous said...

I wondered why your blog disappeared for a few hours, but mom can't keep you down for long!

Honestly Frum said...

Maybe she will do what my parents did, ignore it hoping it will go away while secretly telling all their friends about it in shul.

frum single female said...

at least your dad hasnt found your blog. my dad keeps looking for mine.
im not sure how your mom would think you were a lesbian from your blog. did she read the kol isha post?

Maidel said...

my dad hasn't found my blog because he just recently found the internet - BH!

I guess my mom just skimmed the title and freaked.

jvin - what's your secret for avoiding the bad ones?

Moshe said...

Too funny! Like one of those "walked in on" vids on youtube.