Thursday, October 17, 2013

So now I'm a grown-up

As the big 3-0 comes closer and closer (don't worry, not for a few more years, but still closer than the great 2-0), I've been coming to terms with the fact that I really am a grown-up. I used to wonder how it was that people crossed over from optimist, fun-filled youth to negative, serious adulthood. I remember, even as a kid, wondering why adults didn't seem to remember being a kid themselves.
I used to think that being an adult was when you: a) paid taxes and bills, b) got married, c) bought a house and d) had a kid of your own. Well, now that I'm 4 for 4, I have no more excuses to hold onto. I just saw that movie with Paul Rudd called 'This is 40' and while I'm nowhere near 40, there were so many things I could relate to in the film. Go watch it (it might be free on HBO right now).
I was at the mall the other day and the lady at the Clinique counter suggested I try some eye cream. Am I really gonna have wrinkles soon if I don't use any? I haven't found a gray hair yet, but then maybe I've been purposely not looking? Who has time to look for grays when I barely have time to comb my hair, let alone take a shower without someone crying or knocking on the bathroom door or sticking their head in when I think I've got a few minutes to shave my legs. Yes, this is a Married Maidel's life. Who woulda thought just a few years back? Maybe the reason why adults are so grumpy and negative is because we're so busy taking care of the very people we've created.
I also think I've discovered why women don't age as well as men - we're the ones getting up at night. That definitely can't be good for our skin.


NotaGeek! said...

Why no comments?? There used to lively discussion here back in 2008...
MM, haven't been here in years too... And MM you're right, oh how life has kept us busy..