Wednesday, January 26, 2011

kallah teachers

Finding the right Kallah teacher is TRICKY.

Whatever you future brides out there choose to do - please, please, please do not go to a Kallah teacher who charges money to tell you what you can honestly learn on your own in 15 minutes from a good book or internet site.

There are so-called Kallah teachers who charge anywhere from $150-1000 for a few sessions. It's seriously ridiculous. Quite possibly the biggest Jewish scam still out there... (ok, I may be exaggerating only a little, but you get the gist). Please save the money -  you'll have more to spend on things that are actually important - like your wedding gown.

It's also really important to find someone who is on your 'madreiga', or at least something close to it. There's no point going to a Rebbetzin who will tell you to only buy black sheets if you know in your heart that there's no way you're ready to part with the Calvin Klein set you just bought on sale at Bloomingdale's. If you want to have a little freedom in the bedroom (because choosing the right bedding is a very personal decision), don't go to a Kallah teacher who will make you feel guilty if you don't do things exactly the way she says.


Frayda said...

You have a good point that choosing the right kallah teacher is hard. However, you do not give any suggestions for how to find one that is right for you. Any ideas? The only idea I can think of is asking other married friends that are on the same level as you to see if they have any recommendations.

Jacob Da Jew said...

In the Syrian community, its free of charge and the teachers are excellent.

kisarita said...

you wrote "don't go to a kallah teacher who will charge you for the same thing you can read in the book"

what can a kallah teacher teach you that you can't read in a bood???

still jewish said...

ow true im married and my wife went to a f*** kalah teacher and knows nothing about life and gives me no pleasure she doesnt even want to touch my dick i wish she would learn a bit how to fuck