Wednesday, January 26, 2011

to sheitel or not to sheitel.....

Yup, even with this rock on my finger, that's still a question.
In my engaged days I spent a few grand on a gorgeous fall...
No, not a full sheitel - I wanted to avoid the 'wiggy' look and the idea of endless accessory opportunities that come with wearing a fall really appealed to me (sequined headbands, sequined berets, cocktail hats, designer scarves, etc, etc... )
But then it occurred to me that I would not be able to wear the one accessory I absolutely adore ...
You simply cannot fit a hat on a fall.
I don't mean those stretchy wool hats.
I mean those gorgeous dressy hats - fedoras and cloches and the ones with extra-wide brims - worn by Jewish mothers on Shabbos morning in Shul and by British royalty on Saturday at a Wedding. For years I would try on my mother's collection of designer headpieces, yearning for the day I would be able to have my own closet full of hatboxes.
And so, while I did buy that gorgeous fall, I confess that she spends most of her time in her faux-Louis Vuitton case, pretty much alone in her own room. I do take her out on some important occasions, weddings and parties - but for most Shabbosim I prefer to look to my own mini-collection of hats (altho my hubby doesn't think it's so mini....).
Baruch Hashem I go to a shul where no one really gives a F*** what anyone else is wearing on their head. And if I iron my hair properly, even my mother can't tell that it's not a Shevy underneath my hat.
Because really - does it even matter how or if I cover my hair??

(BTW, I'm still thinking I might want to invest in a full Sheitel, if only so I can get that cute 'bangs' look.... )


Philo said...

My 2¢ :

Don't cover your hair. If your own looks nice, and you don't feel bound by the halacha, why do it? It'll only ruin your hair over the years. My wife has never covered her hair in 8 years of marriage, and I love the way she looks. And she loves her hat collection that she wears to shul (not all at once, though).

kisarita said...

Of course she will cover- or pretend to cover- her hair, for reasons having nothing to do with modesty: see why

Anonymous said...

um, yeah. If matters though, not how.