Tuesday, February 1, 2011

asian shidduch dating

To my single Jewish girls out there...


I know dating in our community sucks....

But it could be worse...

I had a convo with a friend today - she's originally from Taiwan and her parents still live there.

Apparently in the Asian community, it's rude to break up with a guy. Yes, rude.

And you absolutely MUST date your parents' friends' sons. Otherwise it's considered extremely rude to their family and yours. And by 'date', I don't just mean that you have to go on one date with a guy. You have to seriously date him for a few months. That is until you can think of a non-rude reason to break up with him... ie. you cannot say that there is anything wrong with the guy - because that's like telling his family that there is something wrong with them. And of course that would be extremely rude.

So next time you go on a really bad first date....

Just be happy that it can be your last!!


Galilee Silks said...

Very interesting subject, haha!

Mr. Cohen said...

My New Hashkafah of Shidduchim :-) 2012-11-14

My new hashkafah of shidduchim is thanking and praising HASHEM always :-)

Even when my dating experiences are far from pleasant, I realize that HASHEM is guiding my life with His infinite wisdom and abundant love, and exact precision that only He is capable of :-)

HASHEM always knows what is truly good for me, even when I do not :-)

Often what I need most is atonement and humility, so G_d gives me those precious things through unpleasant dating experiences :-)

I now realize that I must always thank HASHEM for ALL of my dating experiences, because even the worst dates are for my eternal benefit, because they provide me with precious atonement and humility :-)

Tractate Avot teaches that the reward for a good deed is proportionate to its difficulty; by giving me difficult dating experiences, HASHEM is providing me with greater reward for Olam HaBa, in addition to precious atonement and humility :-)

G_d loves me even more than I love myself, and He would never give me an unpleasant dating experience unless it was for my eternal benefit in both Olam HaZeh and Olam HaBa :-)


Thank you for all my dating experiences, whether pleasant or unpleasant or mediocre :-)
You are always guiding me with endless wisdom and love; You always help me and give me everything I need :-)

I regret all the times I complained;
instead of complaining, I should have been busy thanking HASHEM.