Friday, May 21, 2010

getting my pre-cheesecake bod back

I know you've missed me.

Three weeks is an eternity in bloggerdom, and I've been bad for staying away so long.
My life's been a little busy lately, but I'm trying to get back into it.
Catching up on all the Grey's, Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl episodes I missed. (don't tell me who dies)
Desperately making plans to head to the gym tomorrow - I indulged in just a little too much chocolate cheesecake this Shavuos... (for a girl who avoids pasta like the plague, this holiday has done little good for my hips)

Got to meet the very lovely Chaviva and her cute hubby-to-be... kind of funny to say hello to someone you've never actually met in person. But what a sweet couple they make - hope they have a beautiful wedding (has it happened yet? where's my invite?) and long and happy life together :)

Oh - and did you know that...
MM just celebrated its second birthday! (can you believe that May 14, 2008 was two whole years ago)


Chaviva said...

It was TRULY a pleasure to meet you :)

Wedding is May 31 (CONNIPTIONS! ... over seating charts and future in-laws), and you are soooo invited to sheva brachot if you're down. Let me know ;)

I wonder if just eating the INSIDES out of the cheesecake make me less prone to the post-Shavuos weight ... being gluten free and all ... so much I can't eat. So very much time.