Wednesday, February 24, 2010

picking the perfect purim party

Is it just me or are there more parties to choose from this year than normal?

I have at least 15 facebook invites to which I haven't yet responded.

Do I want to go to a party where I have to pay cover? Is a $50 party guaranteed to be more fun than one that's free? And most importantly - are drinks on the house?

Sometimes I check the guest-lists to see who replied. Are there too many little kids going? Too many older weirdos?

I'm not a professional party-girl, but Purim is one of my fave holidays -what material maidel doesn't love a chance to put together an awesome makeup/costume look - in public!

Now I just have to figure out what to wear this year..... any ideas?

I'm thinking Lady Gaga or Barbie....


Party Jew said...

Kinkyjews is having a party.

Either way, paying usually keeps out the younger and poorer crowd.

Anonymous said...

Are they "older weirdos" because they're older and still single or because you don't think older single people should still be going to single parties? And, btw, what constitutes "older" to you? Above 30?