Friday, March 20, 2009

keeping up with the ex

I was having dinner recently with some friends when a guy walked into the restaurant. One of my friends had gone out on one date with him about three years ago. Nothing disastrous, just really not for her. And yet, for some reason my friend was determined to avoid him at all costs. We literally had to slink through the exit (back entrance was blocked), try to keep our heads down, sunglasses on, avoid any form of eye contact with Guy X. Utterly ridick.

I personally belong to the 'stay friends with the ex' group. Ok. Maybe not all my ex-es. There are some that have earned permanent spots on my Facebook and IM blocked lists. (the ones I refer to in this post when I talk about how happy I am to have no regrets about past non-experiences. Well, almost no experiences. ;)

But for the most part, if I saw someone I dated (whether it be someone I went out with once or someone I dated for longer), I try not to do the stop, drop and exit routine. It looks pretty pathetic if they actually notice you when you're doing that whole spiel.

Just a few nights ago, I saw an ex at a wedding, and actually said "Hi" with a big smile in a warm, I'm happy to see you, kind of way. Maybe I was just happy to see someone familiar. Or maybe I just still like the guy as a fellow human (and definitely not as a Potential).

We had a pretty good chat - as friends - and BONUS - he asked for my number so that he could set me up with some of his friends. (although, i noticed that he actually still had my digits on his phone... ). Anyhow - this bonus is pretty huge. It also teaches all of us singles a great big lesson in dating life - never end things badly! Because you never know... Maybe that nerd you went on a horrible first date with is best friends with an ultimate cutie!


nameless, faceless said...

Hey! I love when we are posting twins!

Jessica said...

Hey (not 'hey' as in hello)! What's wrong with nerds?

Anonymous said...

Maybe its different when its an actual boyfriend ex, not ex-date(s).

Dee said...

I totally agree. let's just hope the friend is actually a cutie!

raizi said...

Plus, you can set them up w/your friends!