Tuesday, March 31, 2009

davening on the train

Do you ever daven on public transportation?
Do you even take public transportation?
I used to say NO for both those questions.
But now ever since I moved to THE City a little while ago (didn't I tell you that yet?) where parking is not even an option, the subway is my ride.
When I first started being part of the morning commute, my iced coffee and dark shades were all I needed to get me through the rush.
And then, one Tuesday morning, I saw this super cutie davening away.
Maybe because watching a guy get all shtark is a total turn on,
Maybe because I wanted him to know I was Jewish too,
Maybe because I felt guilty for skipping out on my Brachos before I drank my java,
I started davening on the train.
I used to feel awkward saying the words in my silent mumble,
Now I feel proud to have my siddur in my hands,
Protected while I say my Tefillos,
And I couldn't really care less about the people around me,
Who must all think that I've just learned to read and still use my lips.
Or that I'm some crazy maidel that talks to herself
Which may not be such a bad thing if it keeps the other crazies at bay,
And maybe,
That super cutie will be on my train again...

Whoever said that material can't lead to maidel?


EsPes said...

good for u!

and u moved to the CITY?!?!?! when and why????

Anonymous said...

why did you move?

Mikeinmidwood said...

The subway is great, especially when the bands play for some money, but my favorite are the preachers.

nmf #7 said...

Hey, you never know. Davening on a train could lead to marriage. That's an interesting connection, but could be true.
Enjoy city life!

Miri said...

Maidel, we know that you WANT the crazies to talk to you on the train. Its how you get blog material. ;)

Anonymous said...

Girl davening on train: uber-frum
Guy davening on train: not so frum

Frayda said...

I'm with you on checking out cute frum guys on the train. It was a favorite activity of mine when I was working in downtown B-more.

Moshe said...

Planning on meeting your Densha Otoko? ;-)

mike, my favorites are the Jamaicans with Steel Drums and Asians with ethnic instruments.

Anonymous said...

i agree with anonymous 11:01
if a guy is davening on the train, he missed minyan! maybe if he's learning though... :)

i was once on the train when there was this guy who was advertising for a movie. he kept saying "you gotta go watch XX at this place on Friday night, etc". we were all trying to figure it out. does he have stock in the movie? his favorite actor is in it? just plain crazy??

Maidel said...

I moved because I wanted to be just like Whitney Port.

Anonymous said...


MM, is it at all possible that seeing the guy daven enforced your deeper feelings about your jewish identity? In this modern world where it is easy to hide behind the dark shades and ice coffee blending in with the rest of the world, seeing the guy daven made you realize your proud to be jewish and in turn inspired you to look for ways of showing it.

Tommy said...

Anonymous - i'm pretty sure thats the point she was tryin to make!