Tuesday, March 31, 2009

color me wicked

I started getting my nails done every week. Yes, I am one of those girls.

I used to prefer the au naturel look - still kinda do. I hated spending money on something that would only last a few days. And then there's that whole waiting period where you wait for all your nails to grow out to the same length so that you can get a decent manicure. And that hardly ever happens. Nails break.
But then I got my nails done three times in two weeks. First for my cousin's Auf Ruf, then for his wedding, and then for the Shabbos Sheva Brachos.
And now I'm hooked.
Like almost every other Jewish woman, it's become my Friday afternoon ritual.
There's something about that little bottle of Essie that makes me happy.
Wicked, A-List, Ballet Slippers, Flirt, Fancy Delancey, Picket Fence, Marshmallow, Bahama Mama... Just a few of my favorite things! (feel free to suggest more!)
Colors really do influence the way you feel. Try Wicked - you'll feel it.
My friend Rosie said I looked Lubie when I wore Fishnet Stockings.
I go with Waltz when I'm trying to fit in at Yeshivish chasunahs.
I notice that when I go dark or bright, people notice.
And while that may not be so tznius,
it's a whole lot of fun ;)


Miri said...

OH MY GOD!!! I knew you'd cross over to the dark side! welcome.

stam[azoid] said...

i love using Wicked for pedis :)

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

three times = chazoka :)

Anonymous said...

im ballet slippers all the way

G6 said...

Love the weekly manis but my color choices differ from yours.

Winter: Vintage Wine (after they discontinued Burma Ruby {sob})

Summer or when red is too shocking: Buy Me a Cameo (TRUST me... the bottle is deceiving)

Anonymous said...

there is something very luby about you in general.

it wouldn't come as a surprise to me if it turned out you were a girl from crown heights....


Maidel said...

hi Anonymous.... or should I say Miri?

EsPes said...

opi's "oh to be 25 again" for the winter and "big apple red" for the summer.

nameless, faceless said...

Usually I just go french on the hands, but when I want to go *wild* I wear Allure. Try it -- it's perfectly classy. In the winter, the toes are Chanel red and in the summer, hot pink. I don't do variety :)

Anonymous said...

"hi Anonymous.... or should I say Miri?"

uh, ye! you should!

Miri said...

"hi Anonymous.... or should I say Miri?"

Uh-no you shouldnt!
I dont hide my identity-so please stop trying to steal mine, despite my super-coolness.
although I agree with you anonymous, MM is a closet lubie.