Thursday, December 4, 2008

what is going on with this world?

Have you heard what's going on in Hebron?

My friend Jude posted these comments on Facebook and I thought it worth sharing with you:

"I was there this summer. The Jewish families who live there are forced to remain in a small area of the city. The closest hospitals, stores or restaurants are in Kiryat Arbah, and they must travel in bullet-proof cars and carry Uzis to get there.

I don't think I could live under such horrible conditions. But these people really believe in what they are doing. I wouldn't really label them 'zionist extremists' - there is a Chabad house there and Chabad isn't necessarily a zionist movement. But regardless, there is no denying that these people have the right to live there if they so choose.

If a Jew can live in France, in Australia, even in Iran, why can't these people live in Hebron? (no matter who makes claim to the land)

The Jewish community in Hebron existed for thousands of years until it was brutally displaced in 1929--after Arab marauders murdered, raped and burned to death scores of Jews and dispossessed the community of properties that included hundreds of acres of real estate."