Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am a Jew

Vos Iz Neis had a really well-said article about Jewish Unity. Here's a snippet:

You are a Jew. You are not a Zionist. You are not an anti-Zionist. You are not Modern Orthodox. You are not Chasidish. You are just a Jew.

You don't belong to any denomination or demographic. You belong to Hashem. We all do.

That is the message from Mumbai. That is the call from India.

It seems we've heard it. For at least a week.

We've realized that to the terrorists, we're all the same. They didn't attack "Zionists" or "anti-Zionists" or "Modern Orthodox" or "Chasidish" or even "not-so-frum." All of those were represented at that little house in Mumbai. They attacked the Jews.

They taught us that we're all vulnerable. That none among us are immune.

And ultimately, they taught us that there's no reason to fight among ourselves. They taught us the painfully obvious—they taught us to have more, much more, Ahavas Yisroel.


EsPes said...

i like this!

Honestly Frum said...

If only they would practice what they preach. Go to the posts before and after that one and look at the sinas chinam that exists.

Jessica said...

Yeah, I agree with Honestly Frum here. Voz Iz Neis doesn't exactly promote unity on a daily basis... It's a great message, but it probably would be better accepted by people who actually practice what they preach.

Chans said...

well said maidel. Its just sad that this is what it takes for us to realize that...

daniella said...

i agree that people should practice what they preach. but that is something that each individual must personally assess.

there is no use pointing fingers at Vos Iz Neis. Because in doing so, you are not committing yourself to Ahavas Yisroel.

The Babysitter said...