Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hashem works in mysterious ways

I was at a charity event tonight for Migdal Ohr. This was my third time going to one of their events, where they raise at least One Million Dollars in one evening each year.

Migdal Ohr is the largest youth village in Israel, housing and educated over 6,500 orphaned, impverished and underprivileged children.

It was founded in 1972 by Rabbi Yitzchok Dov Grossman. Maybe you've heard of him? He was once known as the "Disco Rabbi" because he used to go to clubs in Israel and try to talk to drugged-out youth. He is an amazing person. Ask him how many children he has, and he will say 6,500. Every person who speaks to him is amazed by his warmth, caring, sincerity. He devotes his life to helping children who can't live at home.

And most importantly, he cares about each person, no matter how religious they are. His goal is not necessarily to make these children as frum as he is. His goal is to give these children a better life. To let them know that they are loved.

Unfortunately, Rabbi Grossman couldn't be there this evening.

Why? Because his wife is the aunt of Rivky Holtzberg, the Chabad Rebbetzin murdered in the Mumbai attacks. His family is currently in mourning.

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