Tuesday, December 9, 2008

jingle bells in my head

I went shopping today and it seems like xmas has taken over the universe! Or at least the mall.

You know what I'm talking about, right? At least those of you who have ever stepped foot inside of an American mall during the month of December.

All the stores seem to be using those pumpkin pie glade plug-ins, and everything is red, green and gold. (colors that would otherwise be considered tacky)

All the display windows have fake snow and some kind of holiday theme. Every mall has one of those huge fake castles where you can tell santa to buy you stuff. I remember some of my not-so-frum friends used to sit on santa's lap just for the free candy cane. Which in a way, was very Jewish of them.

And let's not forget the holiday jingles! How sad is it that I can probably sing more x-mas carols than Chanukah tunes. They're just so catchy! And they make you think of snowflakes and snowmen and cozy fireplaces and mugs of hot cocoa.

And don't you secretly love xmas lights? Not the ones in tacky colors (see above), but the pretty white lights against pine or palm trees (depending on where you live). There are a few neighborhoods in my town where they light up the whole street, with strings of lights hanging from lampposts over cars - it looks pretty magical. But I'm not supposed to say that out loud, right?

We use some of those lights in our Sukkah (we insist to my Dad that they were NOT bought in the xmas aisle) And apparently in Israel, Charedis use xmas decorations in their sukkahs too (old man with big white beard and nice big smile - he must be a Rebbe!). So maybe that makes it ok that I enjoy the holiday season!

And let's face it people - we need to work on our PR! Sure every store nowadays also has a Chanukah section, or at least the token Menorah as decor. But all the Chanukah trinkets on sale look so goyish! What real yid calls it 'Hanuka'? Or wants anything that says 'Hanuka' in their home? And does Jewish = blue & white and/or star of david and/or menorah design?

Borat's brother, Erran Baron Cohen, recently came out with some new takes on Chanukah classics. Here's one: (maybe it'll get the jingle bells out of my head!)


Pinny said...

Thanks for posting this. I like their version of the song and I really like Yitzy Jordan (Y-Love)'s rap in the middle.

One thing, isn't the big pink/purple graffiti word on the wall they keep showing them painting, the Hebrew word for "Jesus" (i.e., "Yeshua" spelled yud-shin-vav-ayin)?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Isnt that Y-Love rapping in the middle?

Anonymous said...

Also, isn't Borats brother Bilam, the one with the son who is covered all over with hair so they make money by selling tickets to see him in a cage?

Frum Librarian said...

I noticed the Yeshua thing too, very weird. Otherwise funny video

nameless, faceless said...

Sad to say that little white lights and holiday greenery and candles in the windows are something I still miss desperately this time of year. So you know what? I put them up. They make me happy, they make the people who see them happy, it doesn't mean I'm running back to Christianity.

Anonymous said...

i was enjoying the video until the yeshu thing.. "bait and switch"- this is by no means jewish.

Maidel said...

I can assure you that the people who made this video and song are definitely Jewish!
The Yeshu thing is a JOKE!
The video shows some 'rebellious' Chasids - likening them to guys you'd find in the 'hood - playing dreidel instead of dice....and spraypainting contraversial words on a wall!
so what's the most rebellious thing a Chasid could do? graffiti 'yeshu' obviously!

Anonymous said...

Why are they betting with Monopoly money?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think they just misspelled "Yeshua" as in "Redemption". Thats what they're saying on the YouTube comments anyway.

Anonymous said...

I love christmas lights!

I think its ok - its not really a religious thing!

MAK said...

Ha, the christams stuff starts to appear in November, right before or after Thanksgiving. And yeah, I'm gonna go crazy before the holiday is finally here. I walk into a store and find myself singing along with christmas carols...I like seeing the lights though, those are always fun.