Thursday, December 4, 2008

are women ever wrong?

I needed some post ideas, so I asked my brother to tell me some of his gripes about women.

One thing that is apparently really annoying that women do is when they say "oh just kidding" when we realize that we are wrong about something. My brother says that we aren't "kidding", we're just wrong.

I must say, I am pretty guilty of using the "just kidding" line A LOT. Like after I say something that is potentially harmful ("oh, ure such a B*tch..... Just kidding!"), or that is somewhat controversial ("who cares about homeless people. ..... Just kidding!") or sometimes even when I'm being really sarcastic and the other person doesn't get it ("ya, you should definitely go out with that loser ...... Just kidding!").

And I also say "Just kidding" when something stupid comes out of my mouth. I don't know if I would say WRONG. I just didn't really think about what I said before I said it! (which reminds me, I reallly need to start filtering what I say) Somehow the "Just kidding" kind of makes whatever I said before a little less bad.

Does it make me wrong?


frumskeptic said...

I hate when people say "JUST KIDDING"


was one of the most anoying things to get used to when I entered frummy school for HS

The Babysitter said...

very interesting, but I notice boys do that too. I think it's just a human thing people do. I never say "just kidding" as an excuse, cause I don't mind being wrong. I would just say "sorry" or something like that.

I tend to take things seriously a lot, so in a way it helps to hear that "just kidding" line so I know when their joking. But then if they don't really mean it then it makes me doubt them and it just ruins everything.