Saturday, November 1, 2008

Worth a listen - KNOB

I wish the quality on this video was a little bit better - but it's an awesome song by this Israeli duo, KNOB- individually known as Meital Patash and Niv Cohen.

They're getting famous - and this song and others make you want to get up and dance - Tel Aviv style!

For more KNOB (and better songs, although not all are Kol Isha-free) go to:


Be optimistic! said...

Great song never heard of them before.
But where can you buy their music.
Like most Israeli music it's hard to find an online site that sells it.
ITunes, Amazon Mp3, Walmart Music store doesn't sell it.
Any help?.

Be optimistic! said...

If somebody wants just this song there is a website that separates music videos, the music from video.

jude said...

I wrote to KNOB on Myspace - they said there is no way to buy their CD in the US right now, but their songs will be available on itunes in February. We'll just have to wait!