Sunday, November 2, 2008

Worth a listen - Ari Goldwag

I usually only listen to Jewish music right before Shabbos (gotta get in the mood!) or never.

But this guy Ari Goldwag has an amazing voice and it's nice to hear a song that has real meaning once in a while. (he was in the Miami Boys Choir - now he's all grown up! but he's married, ladies! is it just me, or do you also find a black hat a major turn-on?)

You can visit his site :

Or just get the song, Finally Here right here:



shaindel said...

seriously maidel? im disappointed. sure youre not being nostalgic for all your childhood crushes??

Stam said...

His koh riboin is awesome, especially for erev shabbos :)

s said...

I think it sounds very nice

The Babysitter said...

Ari Goldwag is great. I actually subscribed to his podcasts of daily dvar and weekly parsha, but then I didn't keep up with them. But it was great for during the 3 weeks when I couldn't listen to music.

He has a an interesting type of voice where it's deep and it flows. I remember when his first CD came out everyone was singing his songs.

Great choice of a song to listen to.