Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MM Contest!

MM is having a Contest!

Send in your fave pics of the perfect, ideal Slimy Shmuli and Fixer-Upper to!

Maybe you know someone that's the ultimate Slimy Shmuli or Fixer-Upper?

Or maybe you just found the pic online!

Pictures will be featured in an upcoming post on

Be sure to make your Slimy Shmuli and Fixer-Upper anonymous
- put a nice big kiss or heart over their face.

And then send to

Best Slimy Shmuli and Fixer-Upper pics will get an amazing prize!


stam[azoid] said...

ouch! poor guys!!

EsPes said...

heheheh yay im so excited!

Anonymous said...

If I post myself, what category would I end up in? I'm the opposite of slimy, but I like to think I'm not such a fixer-upper.