Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the fixer-upper

Have you ever gone out with a guy and thought to yourself, "he seems really nice, but boy does he need a makeover!"?

You want to be listening to what he's saying, but you can't help being distracted by the ugly shirt he chose to wear on your date. Not to mention those shoes.

You start to wonder how he would look if he had a different haircut, or a new set of glasses.

Would you be more attracted to him if he was dressed well?

But you're not supposed to get serious with someone that you plan on 'changing', right?

They say you should never try to change a man.

But then, your mother's the one who shops for your dad.

You want to give him a chance because he seems sweet, and is kind of funny (based on what you have paid attention to), and he opens the car door for you.

But it's hard to follow a conversation with him when all you can think about is whether you can get enough footage for TLC's What not to wear.

He says he just bought the jacket he's wearing. He wants to know if you like it. You think it's the ugliest thing you've ever seen. You can play it nice and tell him you love it.

Or tell him the truth.

After all, it's never good to start a relationship based on lies! (right?)


SuperRaizy said...

It depends if the changes that you want to see are cosmetic or internal. It's easy to take a guy to get a haircut or shop for new clothes (if he likes you, he'll want to please you). Just don't ever think that you can change his personality, or sense of humor, or interests. That's never gonna stick.

jessica said...

Exactly what raizy said.

Dina said...

You know, I found out after we were married, that my husband really disliked everything I wore on our dates. If he had told me at that time, I think I would have freaked (could be my own personal insecurity - but who's to say this hypothetical guy isn't just as insecure as I was, or even more?) Yes, I did end up changing my style somewhat; part of that was due to my husband, and part was to simply getting older and transitioning from college student to professional. It's not really the biggest deal.

Jacob Da Jew said...

"After all, it's never good to start a relationship based on lies! (right?)" a certain extent. I'm with Raizy. There is a time and a place for critiquing.

After 4 years of marriage, I can tell my wife "That dress looks out of tune/nasty/ not cool". But then I help her pick out something better. And she does the same for me.

agoodjew said...

Shimon Peres kicks hecklers to the curb during appearance at Oxford University

"It's not too bad to open the ears and open the eyes, and keep the mouth for later occasions"

Tanya said...

The worst are white sports socks with dress pants and dress shoes!I know that it shouldn't matter, but I can't stop staring at them, soooo distracting!

Squeak said...

I noticed that I only get complimented on what I'm wearing when I'm wearing something that my wife picked out for me.

I guess she just has a better sense of style than I do. I'm fine with that.

Maidel said...

you know, it's funny....

if a woman picks out a man's clothes, she's a good wife.

if a man picks out a woman's clothes, he's a controlling husband.