Wednesday, November 19, 2008

calm kallahs

FrumSatire just asked me whether I've heard of .

Then I saw he wrote a post about their forums, which deal with bedroom issues for frum couples:

Yes, FrumSatire, I've definitely heard of

Let's just say it was part of a lot of my friend's "education" growing up.

I was first introduced to the site by a seminary friend a couple of years ago.

It definitely gives you insight into what the Frum world is thinking about. And also makes you realize that people are people - we all have the same issues, questions, thoughts, etc...

I remember wondering who would actually use the site. When I first learned about it, most very Frum homes did not have the internet yet. But yet the site seems geared towards that crowd.

I think it's great that CalmKallahs exists. I hope it helps a lot of people. Some of the questions and answers may seem a little ridiculous, but that's for you to judge.

If you haven't seen the site before, go to and then click Forums at the top. (note that Forums is written in the biggest font). Then click one of the forums labelled 'intimate' and enjoy!

If you'd rather not read about such 'intimate' topics, maybe you should skip this one. The topics discussed are definitely not rated G.


Anonymous said...

Every post is basically "My wife wont do this" followed by "Have you tried asking her this", followed by "hey my wife does that, we love it", followed by "I wish my wife did that", finally ending with "thats assur and you're all apikorsos".