Saturday, November 1, 2008

i can't eat anymore

The Saturday Night Dilemma.
You sit in the car with a bunch of your friends, trying to decide what to do.
Your options when you're a bunch of frum girls or guys or both are pretty limited.
You can eat.
Or you can go to the movies.
Going to the movies isn't very interactive.
So you go to eat.

Sometimes you go skating, or bowling, or to play pool. But some of your girl friends don't find the skates or bowling shoes very flattering and would prefer not to do that. And you're all sick of sucking at pool.
So you go to eat.
Usually somewhere where everyone is at.
Everyone being the entire kosher community when you live in Out-Of-Town.
Because maybe that's the only place to go. Or maybe the best place to go. So you go.
And you eat.
Even though you're stuffed.
Your mother's chulent and kugel were especially excellent this Shabbos.
But the items on the menu look good too. And you can't just sit there not eating.
So you eat.
The food is good.
You've been craving sushi/pizza/shwarma ever since you walked in.
You're out with your friends.
You're having fun.
And you're eating.
But there comes a time when you just can't eat anymore.
But what else is there to do.....
Especially when you're a Jew?


Be optimistic! said...

This is is an old problem....
One idea might be not to wait until Saturady night to make plans.
Start you plans Thursday, so you can can come up with better ideas....
Just my thoughts....

chans said...

MM-is that why you ditched us tonight???? If you want it to be interactive Ill have a running commentary!

Maidel said...

chans - the life of MM is a busy one. ill ttyl!

Rafi G said...

obviously the answer is that you eat anyway

BaruchAttta said...

1. Board games : with friends can be fun.
2. Lectures, and then discuss over coffee or wine.
3. Date during the day, Hiking, biking, shopping (sure, even for grocery) boating, skiing (seasonal) sports