Friday, October 3, 2008

the trouble with being MM

i'm thinking MM needs a finale.
OK, before you start gasping for breath, clutching your heart, fainting on me - please hear me out!
It's getting harder to keep MM going.
If you're a blogger too, maybe you can sympathize.
Sometimes as I go through life now, I start mentally thinking about how I will capture my experiences for my blog audience. I think about how I will word and describe people and things and events. Instead of living in the moment, I end up living for my blog! (lol, ok maybe I'm being a little melodramatic, but hear me out!)
It's also getting harder because it feels like more people have figured out who this girl behind MM is. And it gets hard writing stories when you're worried that people will figure out it's about them! (boys especially - e.g. the Rollercoaster date)
And I hate not telling my friends a funny story because they've probably already read about it online! (maybe that's how they've figured out the connection.... MM and this girl do share a lot of stories in common....)
So should I keep going? Or maybe just learn to keep the personal private? There is a fine line between MM and the real me....


Stam said...

nooooo, i only just found your blog!
its hilarious, dont stop now!!!

(but i understand the complications you mentioned 10000%)

The Babysitter said...

lol I know exactly what you mean about capturing things for your blog instead of living in the moment, I went through that phase too. But it's the same with taking pictures, someone can be so busy capturing pictures that they don't get to enjoy the place their at, but yet the pictures will serve as proof and be there forever, so in the long run it's still good.

About the personal issues, I had that dillema too, where I was afraid people would find out if I write about them, so I didn't tell anyone about my blog, and I used it as a vent in the begining. But then I figured it wasn't nice, so I deleted a few posts.

I think if you generalize and try not to be too specific then perhaps it won't be a problem, or to just leave out those stories that might insult people if they found out.

But I would definitely encourage you to continue your blog, it's a great one and would be a shame if it ended.

Rafi G said...

keep going!