Friday, October 24, 2008

shiksas are for practice

I'm sure you've seen the shirt.
If not, you've definitely heard the slogan, right?
For some reason, some boychiks like to think that they can sleep around with asian and lebanese girls without risking a spot in olam habah.
One boychik in particular let me know how he subscribes to this particular philosophy, if only because of how hard it is to totally abstain once he's opened Pandora's box.
I kinda get what he's doing - people have urges.
But what happens when he eventually meets the one Jewish girl he decides to marry? This boychik thinks that some major tshuva will go down under the chuppah. Suddenly halachos in this department will be easy as pie, right?
And does his bride get to know all about his past escapades?
And what if the roles were reversed?
Would she be as easily tshuva-fied?


frum single female said...

and lots of jewish boys have married these shiksas . and what happens if they get these shiksas pregnant?? is that practise too?

Don't give up hope said...

You got to look to see what causes them in the first place to have intimate relations with non Jewish women.
Is it maybe an ultra orthodox education that teaches you women are trees until you marry them????
And that you're not allowed to talk,walk or touch a women in any way.

Pinny said...

Also, there is a rule that if someone says, "I will do this aveira now and will do teshuva on it later," his teshuva is not accepted.

Of course, if he then really realizes that his whole approach was wrong and he genuinely regrets having having relied on a future "planned" teshuva, he may be able to do teshuva on that then.

Dina said...

This is so offensive on so many levels... Yes I do understand why you would sleep with a woman you have no respect for as a person. It's still wrong. Get a blow-up doll if you must "practice", for heavens's sake.

Maidel said...

hahahaha i love the blow-up doll comment, dina!!!

i will suggest it to the next guy i meet!