Friday, October 24, 2008

never been kissed?

Maybe it's just me.
But lately I've been getting a few questions thrown my way about the extent of my experience with the opposite sex. And it's always Jewish boys asking these kinds of questions.
I never know how to answer in these situations.
"NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS" is probably a good response - but I was raised to have manners, even if these guys weren't.
I would think of a funny sarcastic reply if I could figure out how to do it without giving anything away.
Would it be more shocking if I said I've never been kissed? Or would it be more shocking if I said I can't wear white to my wedding?
Or are guys asking because they can't figure me out?
And do I even want to be figured out?
So why do these boys ask?
Don't they know a girl doesn't kiss and tell? (and maybe she doesn't even kiss at all...)


frum single female said...

it depends who is asking and why as to how appropriate and inappropriate this question is. if its a guy you just met he just wants to know his potential of getting some. if its a guy youve gone out with for a little bit, he still might want to know if he might be getting any but at least he is more honorable because hes shown hes gotten to know you instead of exhibiting his one track mind.
in the long run whatever ones experience is or isnt makes no difference. the idea is to marry and have a commited relationship and it doesnt matter how many others one may or may not have kissed before .

Maidel said...

would you care if your hubby was a player?