Sunday, October 26, 2008

i f***ing can't stop swearing

I know it's not the way a proper bas yisroel is meant to speak, but for some reason I just can't stop swearing.
Whenever I stub my toe, or get cut off in traffic, or get annoyed with a waiter, the foul language just comes out.
Should I blame it on my boss or the other men at my office who are always shouting on the phone? (at their wives or at their clients, I'm not too sure) Should I blame it on too much Entourage? (you know I'm not about to quit that - but have you noticed that even the word 'b*tch' can be heard on daytime tv? have I mentioned that before?) Or just society in general?
The worst is when I'm with a young niece or nephew. Or with a friend's parent. I don't care so much when I'm on a date. (if he's marrying me, he's marrying everything i come with, right?)
Sometimes it's hard to stop a word from coming out, especially when it's being said almost unconsciously as a reflex reaction.
In high school, I was that annoying girl who would remind her friends not to use a bad word when they did. That included "shut up" and "shit". I hate that girl now.


Child Ish Behavior said...

I hear Ya. O those bad influences. Gotta hate 'm.

Be happy! said...

I've seen that problem before.

The Babysitter said...

Just use a different word, make up your own and you'll get in a habit of saying it instead. I'm telling you it works.

I made up a word that I say, and I use it for a variety of things so that it can't be labeled as just a bad word. Then people hear me saying it and they pick up on it and start saying it too.

But it's such a silly made up word that I won't even say what it is. be creative and makeup your own. And they won't see you as foolish or silly for it either cause they get used to it right away. So just like when you see store names that are different you think its strange but then after going there a couple of times and keep on referring to the name it doesn't feel weird anymore, same here.

Good luck with the habit.

Anonymous said...

In high school there was an anti-cursing campaign kind of thing. Someone in my class invented the word "schvich" to use. It was a joke, but I didnt realise how much it had sunk in until the day I hurt myself and instinctively said it instead of an actual curse.

The whole thing is kinda stupid though, because if everyone started using your made up word as a curse word it simply becomes a curse word, and parents slap their kids if they say it. :)

Maidel said...

who was it that said that words are simply sounds that we attach meaning to?

if that's the case, then even schvitch or babysitter's made up words can be considered swear words, no?

The Babysitter said...

Material Maidel: but that's exactly it, you can use the word in a few different contexts so that they don't realize it becomes a curse word. It can express disappointment, or when your upset or angry, it can be a way of expressing emotions. Doesn't have to be called a curse word.