Sunday, October 26, 2008

abortion shmortion

A friend of mine said that she's not supporting McCain because of his anti-abortion stance.

I guess it's good to pick a candidate based on his views - rather than on his charm or looks or drinking-buddy persona. If this was a beauty pageant, we all know who would win hands down. (Sarah Palin already has a history of coming in second).
But do I really care what these people think about abortion? Do I really even care about abortion at all?
It's not like I'm at an age where I'm worried about my boyfriend getting me knocked up.
I don't know whether or not the Torah totally or partially forbids abortion - but regardless, should that even affect someone's choice of President?
The way I see it, both parties are pro-death! One's pro-guns, the other's pro-abortion. Interesting that it's not the same party that's pro-both.


Be happy! said...

Must of these issues such as abortion, gay rights Etc. should depend on personal preference of being pro life or pro choice, it shouldn't influence an election.
What's more important is national security, taxes, a balanced budget, affordable health care, and less corruption in business and government by having proper oversight.
These are the issues among others that effect everybody and should influence you voting decision.
Just my opinion.

Jessica said...

"The way I see it, both parties are pro-death!"
I've never seen it put that way before. Don't know if it's intention was to make people laugh, but it had that effect on me.

be happy!: "These are the issues among others that effect everybody and should influence you voting decision."
I definitely see where you're coming from, but different people find different issues important. You wrote about gay rights as being one of the issues that isn't as important, but if you're a gay person, that issue will most likely play a very important part in your decision of who to elect. It's all based on opinion, that's why we have a choice.

Maidel said...

i couldnt agree with you more, be happy.

it is pretty subjective though - maybe abortion is an important issue to some - eg. Britney Spears' family!

Child Ish Behavior said...

See and here I thought that no one was Pro-death. seriously though,I think it's obvious why people think that this is an issue. Some people wish that they were aborted before they were born, and they want to help everyone else get what they couldn't, a chance at no life.

Don't give up hope! said...
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Don't give up hope! said...

"Reply to Jessica" Be happy
My point I was trying to make is not that gay rights are not important.
Just the opposite gay rights shouldn't even be an election issue, everybody deserves full rights.
It's one of the basic fundamentals that America was built on.
I’ve come across in the last year three gay couples they are regular people who lead normal lives.
All the want is right’s like you have.
I do advocate that gay relationships should be kept more discrete as to not confuse our kids,
Also it’s important to point out that people yearning such a lifestyle should be educated on Stds prevention.

Jessica said...

don't give up hope: I absolutely agree with you when it comes to gay rights. There should be no distinction between who gets rights since we're all human. Abortion though, I would think, is different. The argument is (partially) over whether that fetus is actually human or not. If it is human, then abortion should be abolished because just like the gay man, the unborn fetus has the same human right to live. But if the baby is not truly human, then it would be up to the human parents' right to decide if they should live or die. Until it is clear on the life status of the fetus though, I don't see how it's possible to not make it an issue in the election.

Don't give up hope! said...

The pro life and choice arguments usually tend to more about early term abortion, and besides the pro choice and life arguments there are other factors that you need to include before you say early term abortion should be illegal.
But when it comes to late term abortion that's where it gets more complicated, and harder to say abortion should be legal. This was also a topic in the 3rd presidential debate, and neither candidate wanted to be the one to say it should be fully legal or illegal.

A said...

Would the issue of abortion make a difference to you if there's a pregnancy due to a rape? Of you, your mother, your sister, your daughter, your niece? How about if someone you love is in danger of dying and the cessation of her pregnancy will greatly improve her chances of living?
As a side note no one is, as you so blithely put it, 'pro-abortion'. I can't imagine anyone that has to undergo such a procedure takes it lightly.

Maidel said...

a - very good point. obviously, abortion would be an important issue to me, if it affected me. but like i said, right now, i dont see how it does. and for that reason, the way a politician views the subject is irrelevant to me.

i do feel that some people misuse abortion as a form of birth control. dont tell me it doesnt happen. and i personally believe that abortion should be an option, although an option that should be severly regulated.

but like i said, i'd rather hear what obama and mccain say about israel and the economy than about this.

Anonymous said...

um, maidel, our religion says that the mother's life is moe important than that of the child. Therefore, if her life were in danger it would be an arverah not to have one. So, being pro-choice makes you pro-life, not pro-death. And aside from that. It should be your choice to have or not have one. McCain doesn't trust a woman's ability to choose. Do you?

Some Guy said...

The way I see it is that it shouldn't be a question of whether or not abortion is ok, I think everyone agrees that abortion is BAD. But I don't want the government telling me what I can or can't do bec they think it's morally wrong. What if they decide that circumcision is cruel and they want to outlaw that too?

I agree that abortion is bad. But I still want the freedom to make that decision on my own!

Same thing with gay marriage. I personally barf a little in my mouth every time I see two men kissing in movies or on TV, but that doesn't mean that I want the government telling me whether it's right or wrong.

Let them do whatever the hell they want. It's the land of the free!

Maidel said...

anon - the torah gives an exception. i doubt most women in america who have abortions do it because of health risks should they not abort.

some guy - i agree with you 100%. why should government make moral judgments? let people do what they want provided no one is being hurt. But then... couldn't you say that someone is being hurt in an abortion?