Friday, October 10, 2008

controversy over kol nidre?

I wish I had seen this article before Yom Kippur!

It was published on, by Michael Weiss, and it's titled "The Anti-Semite's Favorite Jewish Prayer: The centuries-long controversy over Yom Kippur's Kol Nidre".
Here is the link:

Do people just enjoy making controversy when it gets a little quiet out in the world?

Apparently, they don't recite Kol Nidre in some synagogues (see article for more info).

But I remember a high school morah once teaching us that Kol Nidre isn't as important and essential to Yom Kippur as most people think.
Whatever the case, I think I've got a solution to the Kol Nidre problem. Don't make promises in the first place!