Wednesday, July 23, 2008

jogging pants at the gym

As many of you probably know, a few years ago i traded in my gap jeans for gap jean skirts. It was a pretty easy decision - at the time, i was packing for my trip to the Holy Land wondering what my ancestors would think if they saw their great-granddaughter sporting a pair of tight pants at a Tel Aviv 'disco'. I didn't think they would be too impressed.
And so, after that moment, i decided that a tznius girl is what i'd be.
Weeeeelllllll, for the most part.
I still haven't been able to part with my comfy sweatpants. Working out in a skirt is just not the same. I need my sweats and my bratop and a t-shirt to keep me going during my workouts. I know the look isn't the most frum, but it's comfortable.
The only uncomfortable part is when I see other frummies at the Gym who probably think I'm a shiksa. But maybe they won't recognize me with my hair in a bun and a sweaty, no-makeup face?


frum single female said...

ive seen women in skirts at the gym. they look ridiculous and impractical. ive also seen women in biker shorts and tank tops wearing tichels at the gym. the only alternative to wearing true workout gear at the gym is to wear an ultra-long t-shirt with sweatpants. ive seen some women do this. i dont think its modest to wear a skirt at the gym.

Maidel said...

i will say that the tichel + tank top combo is slightly bizarre. look for a post on that coming soon!

The Babysitter said...

I would say nothing wrong with pants at the gym if its woman only. If anything its better, cause if you do a lot of exercises of kicking and stuff, the skirts can go up, so pants is better.