Thursday, July 24, 2008

is he just not that into me?

have you seen the movie preview for the upcoming flick "he's just not that into you" ? (

i went out with this really nice guy a week ago and had an awesome first date. i know - that's usually an oxymoron right? but i really had a great time.

so anyhow, it's been over a week and i haven't heard from him since. well, he did message me online, but he didn't mention anything about a follow-up. i know he's busy with school and exams right now. so maybe that's his excuse. and i thought he had fun too.

but maybe he's just not that into me?


Frayda said...

could/should you call him?

Tanya said...

If he was interested, he would have let you know, even if it was just to let you know he was busy and would set a date later.
Good luck =)

katrina said...

No absolute rules here. Sometimes guys are kind of clueless. I have a friend in grad school who takes agonizing amounts of time to call women he is genuinely interested in. I would say that after two weeks, though, he's just not that into you. Sorry. I have been there.

avi said...

It's Min Hashamayim

Maidel said...

i think i need more male advice on this one!

but much appreciated girls!

Jacob Da Jew said...

Not cool. I hated it when the girls never got back to me or took their time.

If he wanted more, he would have called.

Davey said...

Sorry, hes not into you. If a guy wants something, hell go and get it

JW said...

Probably not that into you but you should call him and tell him he can't have you. If hes anything like me he'll find you both charming and bold and he'll probably flirt with you a little and then take you out a second time.

Good luck!

avi said...

as per more male advice- perspective, "just because you are hurting doesn’t mean you are hurt", Cris Martin, lead singer for Coldplay

i cant say that seeing all the happens in your life, good or bad, as engendered from a higher power, with great purpose, is strictly a male point of view,