Tuesday, June 3, 2008

my date with the shadchan

so i went to visit this shadchan tonight that my friend suggested.
let's just i got dressed up for nothing.
oh and I forgot to bring my Shidduch resume! I remember the first time I was asked to make one. I had never heard of such a thing in my life! I remember thinking - should I use the one I normally use for job searching? The one that lists my education and previous work experience? But, obviously, the criteria that a future employer would look for are exactly opposite of what a shadchan wants to see. (you may as well quit school in junior high, girls! what guy wants to have intelligent conversations with his wife? we all know dress size is what counts!) I remember looking online for help with my resume - but soon I realized the online form I was using was a joke when it asked for "Income declared by Father (on the Books)".
(for reference, here is the form: http://www.jewishmag.com/92mag/shidduch/shidduch.htm )
so anyhow, I arrive at the shadchan's house greeted by one of her daughters, around my age, still single (bad sign from the start, right?). Turns out it's Ladies' Night at Mrs. X's! There are girls galore in the family room aka waiting area. If only they gave out free drinks. I'm told I will only be given a few minutes with Mrs. X because it's already past her bedtime and there are still so many more girls to see.
So I finally go in to see her and she basically tells me to quickly sum up who I am and what I want. I think I could win Miss America with my introduction - "Hi, I'm Material Maidel and I'm 20-something years old, born and raised in Out-of-Town, and I hope to bring about world peace" - SMILE. She asks me a few questions about myself, what Im doing with my life. Then asks me what kind of guy Im looking for. She tells me not to be generic. I ask her what she mean by 'generic'? "Oh, you know, every girl comes in and says she wants a Baal Chessed and someone who has good middos", she tells me. She used some other Yeshivish words I didnt understand. I told her I definitely wasn't about to say that. (it's not that I dont want a good guy - but do I really think this shadchan would be the best judge of a stranger's character?)
She concluded by telling me to drop off my resume and picture the next day, and that she would definitely keep me in mind, even though she couldnt think of anyone my type right then.
So I asked her if she had a lot of guys come to her. Her response? "Nooo, no! I only have girls. I have to search for boys!"
Great. I got all fancied up (not that I normally dont anyhow) for nothing. Why did I waste my time? Why does she have to search for boys? Are they playing hide-and-seek? Is it true that there are more single Jewish girls out there? Where are you men????


Lawyer-Wearing-Yarmulka said...

Yes, there are more single girls out there. And as a general rule, guys don't go to shadchanim.

M said...

Maidel- I LOVE your template.

Tell me where I can get a hold of that and maybe I'll start my own blog. :)

Maidel said...

thanks M! I dont know if I should tell u - ive already got so much competition! My friend from seminary designed it for me. you can e-mail me your contact info and I will forward it to her.

M said...

Thanks- the truth is, I was kidding about the template- I'm not sure if I'll start a blog- need to think about it. It's cool- if anything I would design it myself, although I didn't know it could be done. (not that I ever tried... )

Frum but not Aidel said...

A friend of mine just sent me a "bio" of a guy she wants me to meet. This thing was two pages long - I lost interest halfway through the first page - who can write that much about themselves?

I never heard of this before, I guess it's yet another reason I'm not married....

Maidel said...

wow - two pages! he's either realllly conceited - or his mom wrote it!

dont drop a guy because of the length of his resumé!

think positive thoughts!