Monday, June 2, 2008

cleaning out my closet

ok, so i've finally decided to clean out my closet.

nothing new, ive done this many times before over the years.

but why is it soo hard?

can you tell im procrastinating? id rather write about sorting clothes than actually do it. if only i had budgeted for a maid this month. wouldn't it be nice to have a full time maid follow me around, picking up and refolding my sweaters as i pull them out of my dresser? (it would almost be like having a second mom, without having to get anyone a mother's day card.)

that's what i love about staying at hotels. no matter how messy you leave the room in the morning, you know that you'll always come back to fresh towels, a vacuumed carpet and a bed beautifully made. (does Paris Hilton have a brother that's single?)

maybe i should get a job at the Gap just to learn some skills at how to better organize my clothes... ohhh I'm going to look online for some openings! Cleaning my closet will just have to wait!