Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life as a Material Maidel

What's life like as a twenty-something single frum girl from "out of town"? Chances are you know exactly what life is like.
Chances are that you, yes, you, Ms. Reader, fit the said description. Because, as you and I are both very very very much aware, these days almost everyone we know is a twenty-something single frum girl from "out of town".
Alright, so maybe you have a friend who is almost all of the above but she's from NYC - and yes, the boroughs count - or your friends are 30+ (oy vey, pity pity).... but c'mon - who are you kidding - we're all pretty much in the same boat. We're all desperate (secretly) to climb out of our boat.
Ok enough with the depressing single girl story - let's focus on the positive!
Think about it ladies - we're young, cute and single! We can stay out as late as we want, we can go where we want, have dinner or drinks with the girls, take awesome trips on a moment's notice - we've only got ourselves and our bright, sunny futures to think about! And while we may not stay young and gorgeous forever - we certainly need to live it up while we still can!
Alright Ms. Reader - so let me know.... how does it feel to be you? Got any crazy dating stories for me? Any advice on where to get the latest it-bag? Any celeb gossip to share? (does celebrity gossip count as Lashon Harah - just a thought to ponder...)
You share your life and I'll let you know about my own adventures as a Material Maidel!