Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Being from "Out of Town"

First of all, I would love to meet the individual who decided that the Jewish world should be divided into two distinct groups.

No, not Ashkenazi vs. Sephardic...

I'm talking about a geographic divide that has translated into a much more pronounced division among Jewish singles.

I'm talking about NY-er vs. Out-of-Towners (OoT).

Now, obviously, a bunch of Detroit yentas didn't come up with this concept. I blame the people of the island of Manhattan and the residents of the boroughs surrounding it. Since when has NY become its own planet?

You often hear guys of our marriageable age from Brooklyn talking about how they would rather settle down with an OoT than a jappy Flatbush girl.


Since when are only Flatbush girls JAPS?? These guys have obviously never come to my hood.... (but then, of course, why would they ever leave NY Hakodesh).

Which brings up a second point... is leaving the Tri-State area really that scary???

How many of you OoT girls have been turned down by a potential date because of your "geographic undesirability"?

Or maybe you're the one who had to book a flight to NY to meet some guy who sounded like the male version of The Nanny?

My heart goes out to the girls in Canada - what NYer has a passport! (ppl there barely have their driver's license).

Ok NY-ers -I hope you dont think that this Material Maidel has it out for y'all. I actually heart NY! Where else would I get my fake Gucci handbags? ;)