Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Orthodoxy Test says that I'm HUH?

So one of my best friends, Miri, sent me this link to the Orthodoxy Test that she found on Frum Satire's site:
This 25-question quiz is supposed to reveal where you fall on the Orthodox spectrum. The quiz is pretty well done, and covers most of the current issues being dealt with in the Frum world.
Since high school, I've kinda been on this "searching" path, trying to figure out where exactly I fit in, and which stream to associate myself with. I went to Neve Yerushalayim - 'nuff said.
So I was pretty excited when Miri sent me the aforesaid link, hoping that somehow the powers of the Internet could help me find my way.
These are my results:
Left Wing Modern Orthodox: 33%
Right Wing Modern Orthodox: 56%
Left Wing Yeshivish/Chareidi: 61%
Right Wing Yeshivish/Chareidi: 36%
The Orthodoxy Test says that I'm Huh?
Yup. I'm "HUH?". I finally know now that I am officially category-less in Orthodox Judaism. Does that mean that I'm seriously complicated? Does it mean that I don't fit in anywhere? Or that I fit in everywhere?
Turns out Miri got the exact same results, with slightly different percentages (she thinks girls learning Gemara is assur, and I had no idea what Kefira was - we went to very different high schools!).
So I'm thinking (hoping) that maybe it's not ME - maybe there's some crazy glitch with the system. What results did you get?


Me said...

hahaha! love your blog!

i got the same results as you did!!!

chanie said...

Your friend Miri sound super cool.

Tanya said...

I took the test, I was left wing yeshivish/chareidi.
Keep blogging, very entertaining!

HumanitiesGirl said...

I got Modern Orthodox for mine. You+I have some things in common.

Keep up the cool posts!

Miri said...

yay! I made it to the blog!

I am super cool, Chanie!

Alex30 said...

i am just the typicial guy.... wanted to take the test, looked thru and decided it was too long!

anyway, i like to believe i am a nice guy and would hate the results telling me otherwise... LOLL