Monday, May 19, 2008

B'H for Kosher

I've always considered myself pretty kosher. While I used to "cheat" in my younger days with Doritos, Trident and Jelly Bellys (pre-OU), if you asked me, I would still say that I kept kosher. (in my post-Neve life, I have finally seen the light)
Some of my shiksa classmates (in no way do I mean that derogatorily), love to ask me all about what keeping kosher involves, and I don't mind explaining the halachas. They probably think that Jews a nutty bunch with all of our restrictions. But if you've grown up with it, as I have, you know that it's pretty much the only way we know how to be.
There's one "restriction" for which I would like to take this moment and express my gratitude to Hashem for making me a Jew: the no-lobster rule.
Patricia, one of the aforesaid shiksas, recently told me her recipe for lobster. I think someone needs to call PETA for what they do to these poor lobsters.
Not only do people insist on eating these ugly bug-like creatures, but did you know that lobsters are boiled alive! Patricia said you can hear the poor things screaming.
Sorry for the gruesome image, but I just find the whole thing a little upsetting. Why isn't this illegal in this country? (according to Wikipedia, it is a felony in Italy)
I'm definitely not a left-wing vegan (I just had really yummy chicken schnitzel for dinner), but I do have a heart (it's hot pink).
Thank Hashem for not making lobsters kosher.


Alex30 said...

most jewish people dont eat sea food in General. obviously talking about the non kosher observant jews.. it is something we grow up with, how many jewish families do you know that would decorate a shabes table with crawling creatures... besides it has to be fresh so to eat them you have got to cook them on shabes. also to comment as far as i know Lobsters are definitly legal in Italy, and almost everyone boils them alive! absolutly disgusting.. but than again it is the way i was bought up!

Anonymous said...

A "shiksa" girl i work with told me about the most "delicious" meal she ever had. Basically, she walked into a restaurant that had live fish swimming in a fish tank. the customers get to choose which fish they wanted, at which point the "chef" would take slices out of the fish, put the mutilated fish back in the fish tank, and cook the fish-parts right in front of you. I had to hold myself back from throwing up on her (non-prada) shoes.
Thank G-d that tzar baalei chaim is assur....
poor lil fish.... :(