Tuesday, February 2, 2010

when being from out-of-town is great

I recently was set up with a guy who lives halfway across the country from me. I spoke to him on the phone and knew at once that he wasn't my type. I know, I know, I really should give a guy a chance. But sometimes it does pay to follow your gut  - and when something about a guy's voice gives you the creeps, there's a good chance that seeing his face might too.

Apparently the Shadchan told him that I was still living in my hometown. Which isn't exactly driveable in one date night from where this guy lives. Truth is, he often flies into the city where I am now. But I didn't exactly tell him that. I let him think that I was still back home, and probably not visiting NY anytime soon, and said something like 'oh, well, guess this won't work out' when we spoke last. 

Is that b%tchy of me? Or is geography a great reason to break it off?


Cheryl said...

No - my husband and I are proof that you should give long distance a chance and not strictly judge by 1 thing. He was pointed out to me at a wedding and my 1st reaction was certainly not positive based on his physical appearance. But a friend was determined that we were perfectly matched. We began talking on IM and then the phone and then in-person and the rest is history. We truly are made for each other and my 1st reaction to his phys. appearance certainly no longer holds true.

DB said...

a close friend of mine wont even inter-boro date!