Monday, January 25, 2010

wearing the same dress twice

So I was getting ready for a wedding the other night, debating which of my ten little black dresses to wear to the event. I really wanted to wear my latest purchase - a cute designer find that I found at Macy's for almost 50% off. (I heart Macy's sales!)

But then I realized that there was no way I could wear it - everyone had already seen me in it! The dress had just been worn to a family wedding only one week prior - and while the crowd at this wedding would be very different, I was 100% sure that everyone I cared about seeing the dress had already seen it - on facebook.

Facebook pictures present an interesting dilemma to the girl who hates being seen in the same outfit twice. True, I sometimes stick to the same two jean skirts for an entire school semester, but that's because there's hardly a risk of being photographed studying for exams on campus. And plus, do I really care what some of my classmates think?

But when it comes to a cute party dress that I'd like to show off a little more than once, having your friends and facebook buddies (because let's face it, not everyone on there is really a 'friend') see you work it online before they get to see you work it in the flesh kind of takes away from your enjoyment of the evening. (girls, be honest, you know you care more about the way you look than the way the bride does).


Anonymous said...

Don't jeans skirts hurt your shidduch resume?

Miri said...

Oh MM- you looked FAB as always!

Anonymous said...

I would wear a different color dress, like purple.

Besides, you can wear different accesories if you want to look different.

Data said...

I just purchased my 3rd LBD and I was concerned if I was overindulging.

If you got my back, I got yours. (And my dress was 65% off).

Maidel said...

anon #1- love it!!! BH, i'm not in that kind of community!

Thanks Miri - you looked gorg too!

anon #2 - it's soo much easier to wear black - how do you find the right color kikki-rikki for a purple dress?

Data - I'm jealous of your discount.