Monday, December 14, 2009

my convo with a macy's employee

(after a particularly long day of shopping with my bestie, Leah, in the coat department, I decided to ask a cute Macy's employee for some help)
MM: Excuse me, do you have any personal shoppers here?
Employee: A personal shopper?? What's a personal shopper?
MM: You know - someone who'll look for clothes that I want and then bring them to me while I sit here.
E: giiiiirl- omg! You MUST be from the Upper East Side! What do you think this is? Bloomingdales?
MM: Well, it isn't Target.
E: Ya, I guess. Well I never heard of no personal shopper before. Let me ask my manager.
E: (to the manager) Yo, miss manager, boss-lady - we got any personal shoppers here??
Boss-Lady: Um, no, sorry, but he can help you shop if you want.
E: Alright girls, it's just you and me. Can I just ask you a personal question?
MM: I guess....
E: What's your nationality?
MM: Haha, what? Guess!
E: Greek?
MM: No.
E: Italian?
MM: No.
E: Turkish?
MM: No.
E: Irish?
MM: No.
E: Yugoslavian?
MM: No. Guess my friend's nationality and I'll tell you mine.
E (to Leah, who looks nothing like me): Greek?
L: No.
E: Italian?
L: No.
E: Turkish?
L: No.
E: Yugoslavian?
MM: Are these the only ones you know?
E: Well, kinda... I didn't say Indian.
MM: Ok - let me guess YOUR nationality. Greek?
E: Haha - no.
MM: Italian?
E: Noo.
MM: Turkish? Yugoslavian?
E: Noo miss! I'm African American!


Altie said...

:) very cute. shout out to macys!

so what did you buy?

free dating said...

LOL. That’s all I have to say.

N said...

lol indeed!

G6 said...

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

Ha. You should be just as obviously Jewish as he is Afro-American! : P (כמו דכתיב היהפוך כושי עורו גם אתם וכו)

Anonymous said...