Wednesday, November 25, 2009

does your mother have your bridal trousseau?

My good friend and fellow blogette, SOS over at Surfin' the Shidduch Scene, has this great new post about Jewish mothers who plan ahead - years ahead sometimes - for when their daughters will be married.

It seems whenever I go through my mother's china cabinet I make a new discovery of some still-wrapped, still-unused item from Bed Bath & Beyond or Williams-Sonoma that my mother informs me is something she'll give me when I get married. I can't remember the last time my bubbie opened her china cabinet - it's filled with antiques she brought over from Europe that she's let me know is destined for my future household ever since I was old enough to understand bubbie-english.

I'll have to tell my friends not to chip in for a KitchenAid when I have my bridal shower one day (iyh) - mom's got that covered already.


Anonymous said...

I read a book about a middle-class family in India in the 1940s. When the teenage children were sent to Bombay to get out of the war zone in Lahore, their mother sent them money every week to buy stuff for their dowries; linens, china, saris, you name it. Despite the fact the entire country was in upheaval and bloodshed, the girls were shopping. They were sleeping with 19 other relatives, all refugees, in a two-bedroom apartment, yet under every piece of furniture were packages filled with their purchases.

THe book is called "The LEdge Between the Streams" by Ved Mehta.

Cheryl said...

And I thought growing up that my friend's mom was crazy - she bought sets of pots and pans for her girls waaayyy in advance! I kinda still think it's nuts.