Monday, October 12, 2009

are you a virgin?

If so, and if you're going to be in Brooklyn on Sunday, October 25th - then you should def be at the Second Ever Single Kohain's event!

If you're a betulah or a Kohen, then go meet your beshert at this amazing evening. More info available on Facebook - or email

Gotta say - creative way to beat the shidduch crisis.....


Altie said...

:) u definitely got me at the title.

Data said...

I do believe widows also qualify.

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

MM, you know that provocative titles and posts get provocative questions and thoughts? Here are two of them:
1) "Now we know where to pick up many innocent frum virgins! HO HO HO!!!"
2) "MM, are you attending?" (notice that whatever you answer it gives a thought too...)
I could continue, but I won't.

On the serious side of the thought AFAIK non-virgins are kosher for Kohanim too, in case they only had relationships with jews. The strict rule is only about Kohen Godol.