Wednesday, July 15, 2009

where to date

Someone called Daas Torah (I wonder if that's his real name) let me know about this cute new website (new to me at the very least) that gives you ideas for date locations. Check it out: Sadly, most listings are for places across the pond - so I'd like to take this opportunity to encourage my fellow Americans (and neighbors in Canadia) to get on and add some hot spots!

I gotta say, sometimes when it comes to dates, it really is Location, Location, Location.

A venue can often make or break your experience. (there are other things that can too, such as too much Axe - or too little)

One guy I dated wanted to go to Shnitzy's on a second date. I was wearing heels. Did he not notice?

I have two very good friends who were both taken to Dunkin Donuts on a first. I'm pretty sure they didn't date the same guy - so whatever douche is telling their friends that this is a good idea better stop. (MM is coming after you)

I'm not saying casual isn't good. I know some of you men are on a budget. It's not your fault. It's the sh*tty economy. (at least I hope that's why you don't have a job...) But if all you want to buy a girl is a cup of coffee, there are some waaay cuter places to go.

Try a lounge, someplace with a terrace or somewhere with a view. A pretty nighttime lookout is actually a great spot for a guy with limited funds. And girls love pretty views. (at least this girl does) . Just don't pull a Danny Zuko like this guy.

It must be annoying for guys to have to come up with places to date. I appreciate when guys ask for input - but probably like most girls, I like when guys man up and plan in advance.

I've always wondered if guys recycle these spots.... I found out that one guy I dated got engaged (to someone else, Baruch Hashem Yisbarach) at the exact location we went to on our first date - how romantic.


Anonymous said...

MM, I love your blog and I"YH you will find your basherte soon (and he won't take you to a Dunkin' Donuts:). I agree that location makes an impact, but I also think it's the person that really makes the difference (and can really influence the environment). For example, this guy and I went to this batting cage/arcade place on a date. It was like an experiment, he hadn't been there since he was a kid, and he warned me that we might be the oldest ones there. But we wanted to do something cute and fun, and while we were the oldest ones there, I had fun because I was with him. Not to mention we got a tiny bit lost beforehand - but I didn't mind because I was enjoying the conversation in the car. With someone else, it might have been different.

Anonymous said...

Got to agree with anonymous 1:
"it's the person that really makes the difference"
My husband and I just strolled around a mall on our first date and then decided to grab a very casual lunch. It was him I fell in love with, not the location!

Anonymous said...

There's also which is starting to set up shop.

The Kosher Bride said...

I think the guy should always warn the girl were they are going. There is just no other way to prevent her being waaay over dressed for a dunkin donuts. (although I sort of agree that dunkin donuts is not a great place for a blind first date. It's full of college kids hanging out).

Anonymous said...

Hello? Have you never heard of!

Moshe said...

What's Shnitzy's?

Cheap first date, went there with wife and a lot of my friends been there too, The View Lounge in NY Marriott. For those of you who don't know what this is, it's a rotating restaurant/lounge at the top of NY Marriott with a great view of the city.