Friday, July 10, 2009

another reason to quit

I met this cute guy at a friend's shul a little while ago. We instantly clicked, had a lovely convo, and spent almost the entire afternoon chatting away.
He's a writer and got really excited when I told him that I like to write too. And of course, when he asked me what I'd written lately, all I could do was go "ummmmmmmmmmmmm", tell him I'd been busy writing a huge research paper and then turn the conversation to reading rather than writing and to my love of chicklit.
Because it was Shabbos, we couldn't exchange numbers. We never facebooked because I'm horrible with names and I don't think we have any friends in common, and because I'm 'unfindable'. (can you tell that I like my privacy?)
A month or two passed by. I totally forgot about The Writer. (I guess I'm not that romantic, or maybe I've just encountered one too many cute boys since)
Then the other week, I happened to be back at that same shul again. After davening, I got a tap on my shoulder. It was none other than The Writer.
And of course, one of the first things he asks: "So, have you been writing lately?"


Anonymous said...

Forget this guy. He tapped you on the shoulder?!!

Miri said...

its time to change your privacy settings. what do you think facebook is for??

Anonymous said...

Giving up so soon?

Anonymous said...

That's awesome...get his info, MM!

Moshe said...

how about telling him to google "material maidel"?