Friday, June 12, 2009

learning about people who are different

I asked my Flatbush friend if she wanted to go to the Ohel.
She had no clue what the Ohel was.
I told her it's where the Lubavitcher Rebbe is buried.
She was like "Oh, is it like a big thing to go there? Do people do that?".
I'm no Lubie. But I know where 770 is.
I'm not a Chasid. But I've met a couple of Rebbes and Rebbetzins over the years.
And I've done the Kevarim tour in Israel at least three times.
My Flatbush friend didn't even know what Amuka was. (considering that she's a frum single girl, it's pretty suprising)
Maybe it's because my father is part-Chassidish (internally that is, although he has always claimed that his grandfather was Viznitz). Maybe that's why I've grown up respecting Rebbes and Rabbeim. I love a good Bracha.
Is it weird that I know a little bit about other 'cultures'? Or is it weirder that my Flatbush friend doesn't?


ng said...

if what ive seen of most late teen/ early twenty something american girls is true, theyre not subject particularly broad spectrums of culture. or they're airheads. it's like that here in london, but the ones that do have a bit of electrical activity between their ears are gems.

i think that knowing about the world makes you more appreciative of it.

Jessica said...

The general population in NYC (frum or not) seems to be in their own little bubble. If it's not in NY, then it only exists in some mythical world. It's definitely weird that she's never heard of this stuff, but not surprising.

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

Man, you two said it!

Anonymous said...

Learning about other people makes you understand them more, which helps you respect them and appreciate them more than if they were just unheard of strangers....

Knowledge = Power

By learning about other people you are empowering yourself to be a better person, to be a smarter person and to be a greater asset to the world....

I have the greatest respect for people like you, who are confident enough within themselves not to feel threatened by the knowledge that we're all different....

Moshe said...

Never heard of Amuka.

Moshe said...

Was to New Square though. Our shul goes there for shabbaton almost every year.

tembow said...
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tembow said...

Anon- I think you're right.

There's never an end to learning.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Go to the Ohel.

fear from love. said...

wierder that she doesnt.
although depends on how old she is, because up until i was 18 i didnt know what an amuka was (lol) but i did know about the ohel because chabad davens at 10am so i used to hit it up every shabbat!

Anonymous said...

jewish diverse knowledge quiz

can you identify:

1. Hakotel hamasorti
2. Kutz camp
3. The Society for the Advancement of Judaism
4. Yeshiva Hadar
5. The New Shul
6. The American Jewish University

I know what the Ohel is, but then I have davend at chabad, and visited CH.

Its nice to know that somewhere there are Jews who dont know much about chabad.