Sunday, June 14, 2009

crazy shadchan questions - part 2

It was almost exactly one year ago that I posted some ridiculous questions asked by shadchans.

Today at a family BBQ, my single cousins shared some more treasures that they've recently heard:

- A question actually asked to a female reference: Does he wear boxers or briefs? (first of all, if she knew the answer, I'd be a little creeped out. And II, why don't they just outright ask for a sperm count? or maybe I speak too soon - that may actually one day be a real q)

- Does she sleep in a nightgown or pj pants? (personally, I could never understand how a long t-shirt that rides up while you're sleeping could possibly be tznius, never mind more tznius than pants)

- What kind of bed do the parents sleep on? Is it one big bed? (oy vey) Is it two separate beds? Are they pushed together? (oy vey)

Soon to come: Sexual positions preferred by parents.


Sick of it said...

Some better questions, soon to be made real:

- What position was the girl conceived with?

- Does she use tampons or pads? Brand name or generic?

- Does he touch himself when he's using a urinal?

- At what age was she toilet trained?

- Do the parents have mikvah receipts from the period nine months before she was born?

Moshe said...

No question about going commando? ;-)

Who sleeps in clothes?!

Was this asked of a BT? If they're frum, isn't it for granted that they sleep in 2 beds?

Anonymous said...

lol it's so sad you just gotta laugh....

daughtersintheparsha said...

sick of it,
you sound a bit jaded.
I agree the questions are dumb, but to be honest, I have never been asked, or met someone who told me they have been asked any of these ridiculous questions (yours or material maidel's)