Tuesday, May 5, 2009

making things so complicated

I went out with this guy the other week. I kinda liked him, and he said that he was really into me.
He asked if he could call me to go out again, and I told him he could.
But he still hasn't called.
Well he called once - but it went to voicemail.
In his message he said he would try to call again,
And I'm still waiting...

Then today I bumped into this guy I dated a little while back,
The one who proposed
But who I was definitely not interested in marrying.
It could have been more awkward than it was,
But somehow it wasn't.

And it got me thinking...

Why is that guys you're not interested in are the ones who are so simple, to the point - uncomplicated. Why are the guys you like the ones who seem to play the dating game?

Guy #2 was all set to get married.
Guy #1 can't even commit to a phone call.


Jessica said...

...why can't you call him?

NotaGeek! said...

Jessica's right.
Why don't you call him... He tried once or more, left a message and never got a response. so what is he to think... You in his position, might think the same..
an dif you would of not been interested in him, an d he would call you a few times, you'd be annoyed.. so maybe he's just being polite....

Maidel said...

I messaged him...

Still haven't heard back!

Anonymous said...

its because you showed interest also, youre 'needy'... he is just showing you that he is obviously in demand, and has multiple options. i just love mind games

Anonymous said...

hes not necassarily playing a mind game. he might be busy, or doesnt want to come across as needy himself... or hes waiting for you to take some initiative, and never got your msg.

Anonymous said...

Right, what the last anon said. Call him.

Perhaps you want what you can't have?